Visitors from all over the globe will gather for a spectacular night filled with entertainment. Get ready for the Aquaphilia edition!

Benny Rodrigues, Lucien Foort, Anil Aras, Eluize (Ger), Distant Echo’s (Ger), Simon, Hollywood and Vine, Priszilla, The G-Team, HanSom, Killian Sawn, Emiel Roche, Mayday, Lolla Tek and more..

Kabinet Azar, Run Paint Run and more

Fashion show by Leather Designs (ES), Go-Go Fuckers, Soria Rosee (UK), Flesh Factory, Kalinka Kalashnikov (AT), Dutch B.A.S.T, Dennis Diem, Marnie Scarlet (UK), Viper Squat, Nikita Klosewood (FR), Boom Boom (UK), Eris Maximo (ES), Logan More, Dani Divine (UK), Alexa Ferocious, Roxy Galore, Mr. Woodpage, Phil the Fetish dwarf, Duo Raw (SE) and many more.
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