Out Now – In My House

Emiel Roche rocks out another muscular house groove that does exactly what weve come to expect from him. Tough, powerful beats, supported by a meaty bass line, bulging synths and very tight and crisp production..love it!! “World Sound Records”

Out Now – I Just Wanna House

Emiel Roche is back on board, and he demonstrates his aggressive tech flavoured house style once more with another thumping, bruising work out loaded with heavy, punching house stabs. “World Sound”

Out Now – I Found

We welcome Emiel Roche back once more and this time time he delievers a driving warped bass line supported by some clever vocal licks. If we move to the Violin Mix then Tania Vinokur steps in and lays down some spectacular strings that lift this mix to a higher level. “Whore House Records”

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